An attorney-at-law Sandra Latotinaite became a member of the board of “Vlantana Norge AS“

Sandra Latotinaite, an employment lawyer who defends the interests of “Vlantana Norge AS“ drivers, becomes a member of the board of the transport company from 25 November of this year.

Following an investigation carried out in the company “Vlantana Norge AS“ by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and the Public Roads Administration, the company has taken active steps to implement the Authority's findings. The first step the company took was to make changes to the “Vlantana Norge AS“ administration team. A Norwegian citizen Terje Larssen with many years of experience in transport and logistics has been appointed a new Director General.

“In order to ensure proper and full compliance with Norwegian labor law standards and current practice between an employer and an employee, we have invited Sandra Latotinaite, the employment lawyer, to join the board of our organization. We are delighted that this lawyer has accepted our proposal and becomes a member of the board,”said Vladas Stoncius (Junior), the chairman of the board of “Vlantana Norge AS“.

The attorney-at-law Sandra Latotinaite has been specializing in industrial relations, transportation, companies, contracts and other fields of law in Norway for more than a decade.

“I appreciate the responsible attitude of the management of the organization in order to remedy the violations identified by the labor inspectorate. The active steps currently being taken by the management make us believe that the company's operations will henceforth be carried out in accordance with the highest standards of business performance in compliance with Norwegian business legislation. Becoming a member of the board of the company, I will have all the opportunities to control and help to achieve it, ”said the attorney-at-law S. Latotinaite.

Striving for greater openness, “Vlantana Norge AS“ management has also encouraged the drivers employed in the company to participate actively in the activities of the Norwegian trade unions. The company‘s drivers have recently elected their own representative, who is delegated to directly represent their interests in dialogue with the company's administration and board.

Vladas Stoncius jr.
Chairman of the Board of “Vlantana Norge AS“

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